It’s official: Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal (ROAC) excommunicates Fr Gregory Luriye

(NFTU – Suzdal – From Deacon Nikolai Stanosheck) After a year of questions surrounding the ecclesiastical status of ROAC deposed Hieromonk Gregory (Luriye), who continued to function as an active priest and went so far as to tonsure four laywomen as nuns, Metropolitan Valentine of Suzdal and the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church have finally officially excommunicated the cleric this weekend.

The Russian text is below, and reads: “Inasmuch as Vasily Lourye (the former Hieromonk Gregory of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church) has continued to perform his blasphemous services (even serving as if he were a bishop), he is excommunicated (expelled) from the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church. Whoever dares to pray together with him, or to “concelebrate” with him, let him be deposed from office, or if he is a layman, let him be deprived of Holy Communion.”

A few weeks after the publication of the deposition of Fr Gregory Luriye last year, on the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God, Metropolitan Valentine was assaulted by a group of thugs who wrapped him in a rug, presumably to execute him mob-style before inexplicably fleeing from the scene. It has long been suspected at NFTU that Luriye was involved, though no charges were formally filed and the Metropolitan suspected it was the work of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The Russian text is below.

№ 31 06 ноября 2006г.


Ввиду того, что Василий Лурье (бывший иеромонах Григорий, принадлежащий к Российской Православной Автономной Церкви) продолжает свои кощунственные служения (по архиерейскому чину) отлучен от Российской Православной Автономной Церкви. Аще кто дерзнет вместе с ним молиться, или «сослужить» ему, да будет извержен из сана, а мирские, да будут отлучен от Святого Причастия.

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