Jewish Protestors Block Christians From Holy Sites

June 04, 2015  (Source:

[Originally reported on May 31]

Hundreds of Jewish protestors sought on Sunday to prevent a group of Greek Orthodox Christians from entering the complex housing the sites where Jewish tradition says lies the tomb of King David and Christian tradition holds is the site of Jesus’s last supper.

The protesters gathered by the site in Jerusalem’s Old City and conducted a mass prayer service and study session in an effort to block access to the building.

A police spokeswoman for the Jerusalem region said that despite the efforts to prevent the Christian worshipers from entering, the police managed to ensure that they were able to gain access and conduct their religious ceremony.

No one was arrested during the incident, the spokeswoman said.

The tomb of King David is in a lower room of the complex while the site of the Last Supper is in a separate room above.

Protests by Jewish radicals have intensified in recent years against Christian services in the complex. The status quo since the establishment of the state has been to allow Christian ceremonies at the site three times a year, including for the Pentecost holiday, which was celebrated by the Orthodox Church on Sunday.

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