Jewish Settlers Attack Mar Saba Monastery

This past December 18th (NS), hundreds of armed Jewish settlers led an attack on the ancient Orthodox monastery of Mar Saba, raiding the building, terrifying laity and monastics, and using the building for Jewish services.

This attack represents just one of many attacks by Jews and the Jewish state upon the professed Christian population of Palestine; little or no report is given by Western media, especially since Jews who dominate Western media, along with pro-Zionist “Christian” organizations allied with them, will not report or criticize the Jewish supremacist state of “Israel” (the current US Presidential administration is extreme Zionist in is policy).  Many Zionist organizations and dominated governments in the United States have moved closer to even passing ‘laws against anti-semitism’ in order to appease the domineering power of the Israeli lobby.

A non-Jewish and professed Christian population in Palestine exists in contradiction to the founding goals and purpose of the so-called “State of Israel”, which is a Jewish supremacist state and believes in maintaining the supremacy of Jews over other ethnic groups and races.