Joint Prayer between Catholics and Jews in Poland

Apart from conducting joint prayer services, delegates are to hold workshops on various aspects of how different religions, prayers and beliefs play significant roles in molding cultural and political fabrics.

The Tenth annual National Day of Judaism brings together leaders of both the Jewish and Catholic faiths in Poland. Apart from holding joint prayer services, delegates from the Catholic Church and the Jewish community in Poland are discussing such matters as whether modern science is destined to be in conflict with religion.

And if religious beliefs can be an obstacle in performing public service. Stanislaw Krajewski from the Polish- Christian Jewish dialogue says that the very fact that this religious event is being held in Gdansk, the cradle of Solidarity has special importance.

“This is a significant event by itself because it is perhaps the only national day which is supposed to be observed by all churches all over the country devoted to Judaism. I think it shows two things: one the universal dimension of the importance of Jews and Jewish religion for the Church for Christianity in general and the specific Polish dimension, the importance of Jews in the history of Poland.”