Dear Joseph,
I just conducted a search on Google looking for Father George Pyle.
I was alarmed at what came up on a Google search as it relates to your web site.
This is how it reads:
RECENT NEWS. 9/11/2008 11:31:00 AM : Rape Lawsuit filed on Greek Orthodox priest …..Fr. George Pyle, who served at Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church
news-nftu.blogspot.com/Similar pages
The implication is that Father George Pyle is a rapist. When clicking on the link, there was no mention of Father George Pyle, only the defrocked priest Katinas.

I hope you can change this information, for I am sure you do not wish to wrongly accuse someone of such a horrid act they did not commit.

I did review your web site and thought it very informative. I would appreciate a reply e-mail, informing me of why Father George Pyle name came up in this fashion.

Through Christ’s Love,
James P.

We here at NFTU extend our apologies, since upon review of the article and its connected article in the Observer make no mention of Father George Pyle, only the fact that he had gone on sabbatical and was suspended, but there is no accusation of sexual misconduct. The article was originally copied from Pokrov, over which we have no editorial control; nor can we do much about search engines. Still, we can do our best to make clear that Father George is not being accused in the article in question (nor is Nicholas Katinas, but Fr Anthony Moschonas).


Dear NFTU,
Could you please tell me what the ROCOR-PSCA is??

Anthony M.

Their website is available here. http://ruschurchabroad.com/


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