Met. Kyrikos of Mesogaia Celebrates Nameday

  Source: TOC-Kyrikos website It states:
On Friday, the 15th/28th of July of the year, 2006, the feastday of the holy martyrs Kirykos and Julitta, His Eminence, Metropolitan Kirykos, celebrated his namesday Celebrating the feast with him this year was Bishop Matthew Metropolitan of Kenya, Bishop Parthenios Metropolitan of Kition, Cyprus, Archimandrite Amphilochios, Archpriest Thomas and Priest Andrei. Father Elisseos, a monk from Montenegro, was tonsured to the office of Reader. Sevesmiótete Kirykos was warmly greeted in a homily from the theologian Elevtherios Goutzides. Father Amphilochios also presented his newly published book The Struggle of the True Orthodox Church from 1924 Until the Present Day“, (in Greek).

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