Metropolis of Portland Petitions GOC-Kallinikos

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April 26, 2011
Metropolitan John of America Visits Sister Synod in Greece
May 14, 2011

Metropolis of Portland Petitions GOC-Kallinikos

Metr Moses of Portland

According the the website of the Metropolis of Portland, Metropolitan Moses of Portland and Bishop Sergios of Loch Lomond have officially declared their petition to the Genuine Orthodox Church under Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens.

According to an article written by Metropolitan Moses, “For this reason Bishop Sergios and I have now sent a petition to the Holy Synod of Archbishop Kallinikos I of Athens, dated March 27/ April 9, 2011, asking to be accepted as bishops of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians in North America. I emphasize that this is our first and only petition to the G.O.C. asking to be received into their Holy Synod.” Reasons cited include the inconsistency of recognition of the GOC without petitioning obedience as well as a division in the thinking of the HOCNA hierarchy. The Metropolis’ petition, if it is not followed up by further petitions or attempts to replace the departing Bishopsfrom the three other Bishops in Toronto and Boston, would leave the HOCNA with three Bishops.

More information can be found here.

No official statement from Boston has been released on their website.



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  2. […] The ramifications of the situation in HOCNA are still being felt. As expected, the parishioners of St Mark of Ephesus Cathedral in Roslindale, arguably the largest parish in HOCNA, voted to leave Sunday for the Synod of the GOC-Kallinikos. The split occurring in the Boston area now rivals the size of the departure from HOCNA of the Portland Metropolis last year. […]

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