Metropolitan Chrysostomos & Bishop Sergios (GOC-K) Retire

Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Etna and Bishop Sergios of Portland
Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Etna and Bishop Sergios of Portland

In recent months, both His Eminence Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Etna, and His Grace Bishop Sergios of Portland, have requested and been granted retirement by the Holy Synod of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece, under the Presidency of His Beatitude Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and All Greece (GOC-K). Both are retiring for reasons of health.

Due to the merger in March 2014 of the former Synod in Resistance into the Church of the GOC, a temporary administrative situation was created in America whereby the former Archdiocese of Etna (renamed the Metropolis of Etna) was granted a status of being directly subject to the Holy Synod in Greece, instead of being part of the local, autonomous Eparchial Synod of America (which was granted such status under the tenure of the former Metropolitan of America, Pavlos, in 2003), and consisted of all the parishes belonging to the former Archdiocese. Hence, there was a certain temporary overlapping of jurisdictions, to ease the unification and transition processes.

With the retirement of the hierarchs of the respective diocese and metropolis at the same time, a decision was made by the Holy Synod to unite them, which will occur upon the election of a successor hierarch on January 9/22, 2015.

Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Etna will reside in retirement at the Saint Gregory Palamas Monastery in Etna, California, as he has since its founding, and will continue to be active in serving the Church in his other capacities. As for Bishop Sergios of Portland, he will continue to serve as the abbot of the St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Kelseyville, California, which he founded in the 1990s.

Until the new election, His Eminence Metropolitan Demetrius of America will serve as locum tenens.

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2 thoughts on “Metropolitan Chrysostomos & Bishop Sergios (GOC-K) Retire

  • January 18, 2015 at 9:27 am

    I never had the pleasure to meet the Metropolitan but I heard many good things about him. With Bishop Sergios, I cannot say enough. He’s been a wonderful bishop and a true friend to all of us (plus blessed with the ultimate New England baritone voice that you could listen to for hours). Many years to them both!

    • January 18, 2015 at 12:28 pm

      I have profited from many of the Metropolitan’s writings, and I had the pleasure to meet him (along with Bishop Auxentios and others) in January 2007, when I visited the St. Gregory Palamas Monastery in Etna, California. The hospitality I was shown at the monastery was unparalleled and quite exceptional. I had the opportunity to speak with Metropolitan Chrysostomos and Bishop Auxentios in private for an hour, and it was such a fantastic opportunity.

      I have enjoyed corresponding with the Metropolitan since 2006, with Bishop Sergios since 2005, and with Bishops Auxentios and Ambrose (of Methone) since 2004. It brings me great pleasure that we are all together now in one Church. I hope that the Metropolitan enjoys his retirement, and continues to produce exceptional books and articles!

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