Metropolitan John of NY/NJ Issues Vaccine Exemption Document

(Source) In opposition to Archbishop Elpidoporos’s attempt to quell resistance to government overreach and forcing people to dull their consciences concerning experimental gene therapy under the guise of a vaccine, several True Orthodox hierarchs, including Metropolitan John of New York of the Autonomous Orthodox Metropolia has issued a public vaccine exemption.  Considering the popularity of both the gene therapy / abortion-derived products and Archbishop Elpidoporos currently enjoy among so-called Orthodox Christians, this will likely not be the first such document to go public.

As they say and we hope, however, however, the more the merrier. In our previous article on this matter, clergy from Bishops to Athonite monastics across various jurisdictions of Orthodoxy globally have spoken out against the medical tyranny governments are using to force people to receive said gene therapy. For example, as late as August of this year, less than 1% of Georgians are fully vaccinated, and the Patriarchate has forcefully spoken out against the gene therapy.

While priests in the Greek Archdiocese have been attempting to issue such documents, Abp Elpidoporos’ move invalidates their documents. As more Bishops issue general exemptions, there will be little that Abp Elpidoporos can do to stop it.

A Spanish translation of this exemption is forthcoming.