Metropolitan Nicolae Declared: “Not Guilty!”

Did we call it?

This is being announced all over the Romanian Internet. Nothing in English. Here are a few links for those who read Romanian; some give the background to the case, which we have followed here on NFTU, some just give the update. But all say the same thing: Metropolitan Nicolae “privately admitted his guilt” (even though he very *publicly* communed at a Roman Catholic chalice).

TV Romania Covers it most in depth:

These are also new:

We can’t decide who won the poll. It seems “reward him” won the poll, and while this wasn’t a reward, a guilty man was publicly exonerated by his Synod. Technically, that isn’t “do nothing”, but the Synod applied no punitive measure!

So the lesson of two weeks is clear. If you are a Bishop against ecumenism and modernism in Russia, you will be deposed. If you are a Bishop communing with Roman Catholics in Romania, you won’t.

We are curious to see how Mount Athos will react to the news.