Milan Synod has Meeting With Greek Old Calendar Bishops, Accepts New Bishop in Ukraine into Communion

(Ortodossia-in-Occidente) On July 1, Metropolitan Eulogius of Milan and Aquilea met with Metropolitan Angelos of Aulonos and Boetia and Bp Porphyrios, who were recently received into communion with the Milan Synod, in Milan. Metropolitan Angelos explained the size and breadth of his diocese for the general information of the Bishops, numbering twenty-four parishes, 18 priests, 120 nuns and about 3,000 souls.

The Synod also accepted the petition of Archbishop Onoufry of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and received him into full communion. Archbishop Onoufry was made Bishop for Cernauti, Ukraine in 2004. He will represent the Milan Synod in dialogue with Orthodox Churches in Eastern Europe.

Correction: Archbishop Onuphry is Bishop for Bergamo, Italy. Correction here: