Milan Synod: missionary work and a new True Orthodox group in Romania

(NFTU) The purpose of the work that Metropolitan Eulogius of Milan, who recently visited Viterbo on a pastoral visit to assist the Romanian community there, has been doing in his travels to Romania is becoming clear and is starting to bear fruit. We had heard on the websites of the Autonomous Western Synod (and this was confirmed by the our contacts within the hierarchy) that Metropolitan Eulogius and Bp Abundius were doing work in Romania.

The question was, what was it? Nobody really knew what these trips were for. The purpose for them, however, has become clear since. The Autonomous Western Synod had taken in a group of followers of the late Bp Cozma (Lostun, +2002), who have venerated his memory since his repose, and which promotes the strict ecclesial position of the True Orthodox Church. It appears to have a number of websites, and at least two priestmonks.

It’s been asked of us precisely which Synod Bishop Cozma reposed under. The truth is he didn’t really repose under a Synod at all, since the Synods had split. His followers were directly accountable to him. Both the Matthewites recognized him (that group that did, however, now comprises the Kirykite-Matthewites) and the “Lamian Synod” under Abp Makarios of Athens also recognized him. He died in a monastery of the Synod in Resistance, but according to over a half-dozen reports did not wish to go; it was it the behest of certain caretakers he did, as he could not, at the end of his life, walk.

As it stands, there are (besides the Synod in communion with Cyprian of Filii)– three jurisdictions that remember Bp Cozma– those under the Autonomous Western Synod (or “Milan” Synod), those under the Kirykite-Matthewites, and those under the Lamian Synod. The current group appears to be adminstrated by Hieromonk Benjamin (Elie), and is under Abp Onuphrius of Bergamo.