Milan Synod: Only official websites state the official opinion of the Bishops

(ortodossia-in-occidente) Abp Lucas of Torcello, vicar general of the Milan Synod has released a statement in response to the confusing circumstances regarding the creation of unauthorized websites, including one that purported to be the official site of Abp Onufrius of Bergamo.

We have noticed that several web sites bear the name of our Church, or of members (bishops) of our Church: actually, they do not reflect the official standpoints of our Metropolia, as they were designed by people who are trying to discredit us and our opinions. Therefore we warmly recommend to rely only on the official website of the Metropolia ( and on the links of reliable sites that we will list in our sites within a short time. This does not mean that other websites’ information on us is necessarely false (we are in favour of press freedom and everybody can express opinions) but simply that any information officially ascribed to us should be first checked with the same information in our site.

+ Luca,
Archbishop, Vicar General, Archdiocese of Milan and Aquileia.

Therefore, we at NFTU have to issue a Retraction: Apparently, the website of Abp Onufrius of Bergamo was created by a Romanian priestmonk who was formally tried in absentia (he refused to answer) and deposed by Synod. While his website was shut down, we inadvertently reported that “” was an official website and it is not. We were mistaken, and apologize for the error.

At the same time in America, a new, unauthorized website has been formed in the name “the Synod of Milan”. It has been formed in apparent opposition to the official general website of the Archdioceses in the US; in the current atmosphere of a series of illegal Milan websites being officially rejected by the Synod, does not appear to help an already bad situation in Europe, but is spreading it.