Serbian Sellout Bishop Recommends Catholic Priest as Spiritual Father

All we can say here is: you can get translated closed-captioning on YouTube now! This Bishop apparently was part of the Roman “Synod on the Family” and was absolutely effulgent with praise for a local Roman Catholic prelate. So much so he told the parish to treat him as a spiritual father.

From Orthodoxy Eternal Life:

In October last year, the Swiss-Austrian bishop Andrew has accepted an invitation to participate in the world Synod of Bishops upon the “Appeal and Mission of the family in the Church and the modern world“ as a guest, as he says not only out of mere of courtesy. As a proven supporter of unification, under strong impression of his ”Orthodox mission“ in Vatican, he said that a culture of communication and a mutual respect there, regardless of the different points of view represented by the bishops on specific issues has left the deep impression on him.

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