American Metropolia Committee Responds to Synod in Resistance Appeal: SiR “Disqualifies” Response

In response to the Appeal for unity between Orthodox Anti-Ecumenists of the Synod in Resistance published July 27 NS (but dated April 27 OS), Metropolitan John of New York assigned a committee to engage in external discussion with members of other traditional Orthodox jurisdictions a few weeks after the appeal, making it a priority to politely use the Appeal as an opportunity to ask the Synod in Resistance questions of interest to the Synod and to many True Orthodox Christians in general.

The committee completed its initial communication, dated September 1/14, and sent their  correspondence both by mail and electronically. The communication was largely composed of a series of questions phrased in the hope of clarifying positions the Synod in Resistance held in distinction to other traditional Orthodox jurisdictions.

The Synod in Resistance responded on October 18/31, with a one-page note signed by Bishops Cyprian of Orei and Clement of Gardikion, regarding the questions themselves obstacles to discussion and determining without explanation that the Metropolia did not constitute a “valid ecclesiastical body”. Consequently, Metropolitan John authorized the publication of both the original letter to the Synod in Resistance and their response to be placed on the Synod website, and according to the Synod site, has requested the committee to question the nature of the disqualifying response and respond immediately.

When asked, Metropolitan John had little to say publicly on the matter, except that a response to the Synod in Resistance’s letter will be given and sent “within the next few days”.

Full Disclosure: two writers on NFTU are members of the External Relations Committee.