American Metropolia: New Commission Formed for Inter-Orthodox Relations

A new commission has been formed under the guidance of Metropolitan John of New York, First Hierarch of the Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles for Inter-Orthodox and External Relations. The Commission is the first commission formed since the formation of the Metropolia in 2011.

The commission’s purpose is, according to the Metropolia website:

1) To identify problems that separate ourselves from other True Orthodox bodies and to work with other commissions and groups likewise designated by their Synods and Bishops, to identify potential solutions;

2) To identify areas of potential agreement and disagreement to help foster unity between True Orthodox Christians;

3) To identify potential areas of common service and witness between True Orthodox Christians.

4) To create avenues to resolve problems of inter-jurisdictional discipline.

Three members were selected for the commission, as well as an alternate, by Metropolitan John.

In July, the Synod in Resistance officially released an appeal made in May to other traditionalist Synods requesting the formation of groups of delegates to interact with other Synods. This may be a response to that action. More information is forthcoming.

Disclosure: two editors of NFTU have been selected for the commission, including the author of this story.