Monophysite and Antiochian Patriarchs Meet; Joint Prayers Held

August 20, 2014 (Source:

On 18th August Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II in the presence of John X of Antioch. The Liturgy was also attended by large number of Orthodox faithful particularly several children who were abandoned due to the crisis in the area. His Excellency Talal al-Barazi, the Governor of Homs was also present for the auspicious occasion. After the Liturgy a joint prayer for peace was made by the two Orthodox hierarchs.

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NFTU: The Antiochian and Syro-Jacobite  Monophysite churches have shared a limited intercommunion (contrary to Orthodox theology) since 1991. When Pat. John X of Antioch was elected in 2014, he re-affirmed his commitment to these and other ecumenist initiatives of the Antiochian Patriarchate. Prominent World ‘Orthodox’ teachers of the past 50 years have gone so far as to state that the actual Ecumenical Councils and anathemas have no bearing and thus affirmed the “Orthodoxy” of the Monophysite Anti-Chalcedonian churches; such has never been the historic position of Orthodoxy. Orthodoxy seeks a true conversion, which is not happening.  True Orthodox Christians reject such communion agreements and refuse any communion with both the Monophysite churches and the World Patriarchates because of, among other things, their official union with heretical bodies.