Moscow Patriarchate Bishop in Ukraine Ceases Commemoration of Patriarch Kirill


RISU, 29 March 2016


Bishop of Bancheny Longin Zhar, a vicar of the Chernovtsy diocese of the UPTsMP, at a meeting with Orthodox clergymen gave an assessment of the Havana declaration, which the pope and the primate of the RPTs signed in February at the airport, and he explained why he has refused to commemorate Patriarch Kirill during the liturgy.


In his statements, the bishop was categorical. He said that the declaration is nothing other than a betrayal of Orthodoxy, a legalization of the teachings of Antichrist, and that the “all-Russian” patriarch, who placed his signature under it, committed “canonical crime.”


The meeting of the UPTsMP bishop with clergy was held on 10 March in the Holy Ascension Bancheny monastery.


“We can conduct a dialogue with any person, and especially with foreign infidels. But conducting a dialogue is one thing; it is another to recognize the Roman pope as a canonical bishop. The patriarch’s canonical crime in connection with conducting a meeting with the pope, without consultation with the bishops’ council of the RPTs, is extremely severe,” he declared.


The bishop reported that the meeting of the pope and RPTs patriarch was prepared secretly and none of the bishops knew anything about it.


“We know that this was prepared secretly, and that means a secret iniquity exists. After the meeting the patriarch said that everything had been done in secret, because he has enemies in Orthodoxy and they would be a problem. And today it has become clear that the pope became a brother to His Holiness, and we, Orthodox, have become his enemies,” the UPTsMP hierarch concluded.

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