MP Archpriest defends Stalins “positive qualities”

Some may argue that placing your family second to your work would’nt seem like a very positive quality, but I guess that if your a Soviet it could seem like a good thing…

Moscow, February 19, Interfax – The Moscow Patriarchate believes Stalin’s billboards on Moscow streets will cause escalation of cruelty rather than productive discussion in society.

“Discussions on understanding, on evaluating history should be held, but it should be conducted on different level than hanging billboard and causing fierce reaction that is already developing,” head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said on air of Radonezh and Golos Rossii joint radio program.

According to him, discussions should be “more serious than attempts to place a billboard saying that Stalin is good and cause opposition of other people.”

“I can expect that someone will spoil these billboards, someone will protest against them,” the priest said and added society needs “serious discussions on Stalin’s role, it is no way of solving the problem with billboards.”

Giving evaluation to Stalin’s personality, the priest noted that he had “positive qualities, he was a clever dedicated person and had good understanding of politics. He never placed family interests above interests of his work (as he understood it.)”

According to Fr. Vsevolod, any historical personality “especially acting in conditions of 20th century and wars of the 20th century is not ideal: Zhukov is not ideal hero and Stalin is not an absolute evildoer. They had positive and negative sides.”

“Stalin had strong features of character, he had his own morals (we can argue whether it was right morals), it was morals of a statesperson, a ruler of destinies, but he surely had his own morals. He was not a person of decay. He didn’t pass on his power to his daughter, he didn’t indulge his family – he rather sacrificed it,” Fr. Vsevolod said.