Patriarch Kirill Sends Castro Nostalgic Birthday Greetings

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill congratulates Fidel Castro on his 85th birthday anniversary.

Dear Comandante!
On the day of the glorious 85th anniversary, please accept my warmest congratulations and wishes for good health.  Your life is a shining example of selfless service to the Motherland.  You have earned the highest authority among the Cubans and the use of their sincere love. If your direct involvement between the two nations were formed warm and trusting relationship, the test of time and trials.
Russian Orthodox Church has always remembered with gratitude to be about your personal contribution to the building of the Russian church in Havana, the sincere concern that you had a community of our fellow citizens.  Inspired by your personal example, Cubans are always with cordiality are children of the Russian Orthodox Church, with interest get acquainted with our spiritual traditions.
With warm memories of our meetings. I wish you and your family good health, strength and longevity of the fortress.
Sincerely yours,