MP Kirill Compares Christianity to Being Samurai

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September 18, 2012
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September 18, 2012

MP Kirill Compares Christianity to Being Samurai

Now that we think about it, for Patriarch Kirill, it makes sense actually. Warrior group, trained to kill, undying loyalty to an earthly leader… they sound like those fellows with the pirate t-shirts and the battle axes.

Via Interfax – Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and Metropolitan Daniel of Tokyo and All Japan on Sunday led the liturgy in Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Tokyo.

The service was attended by about 700 worshippers – Japanese and expatriate Russians. The attendees included the ambassadors of Russia, Ukraine and Romania and the naval attache of Greece. Two Japanese women in kimonos with flowers and a round loaf of bread welcomed the Patriarch at the entrance of the cathedral.

During the service Patriarch Kirill elected the cliric of St. Trinity and Sergius Laura Gerasim (Shevtsov) to the rank of Archimandrite for serving in the Tokyo cathedral.

Самурай подход!

In his sermon Patriarch Kirill recalled the code of Samurais – the way of Samurai is the way of death, the samurai should live so as if his body is dead “and then he frees himself, becomes strong, independent of death, his fear vanishes.”

“Like Christ rose to the cross sacrificing himself for the sake of others, so we are opening our hearts to entering the way of heroic feat and sacrifice for others. It is through self-sacrifice that the secret of a man’s love for God and for his neighbor opens up,” the Patriarch said.


  1. Richard Mazyck says:

    That was actually a pretty good example. The figurative use of the samurai giving himself entirely for the service of his lord and his community is a relevant image. No point in bashing the MP for nothing–his proclamation was a sound one.

    • NFTU says:

      Having been interested in the concept of samural for years I disagree. The analogy is horrendous. The samurai does not give everything for his community. He gives everything for the feudal lord (the daimyo) the death of whom can lead him to become a mercenary. As Kirill himself noted the samurai’s purpose is death.

      If Kirill’s idea of obedience looks anything like the concept of samurai then his views of Christianity are more warped than I could have imagined, and he’s probably directly behind those patrols.

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