MP “Prepares” Suzdal ROAC for Patriarch Kirill’s Visit

Law enforcement officers and officials have begun an active “individual work” with parishioners Suzdal churches of the Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC) in anticipation of a visit of the Primate of the MP, whose visit to the Vladimir diocese is scheduled for October 21-23, according to “Portal-Credo.Ru .”

In particular, the employee of one of Suzdal companies was summoned to the personnel department, which warned of possible dismissal in the event of further support of the ROAC, which in 2009-10, 16 churches in Suzdal Suzdal and region were seized by the decision of the local courts.

The parishioner reported clergy ROAC facts “conversations at home,” which are held precinct police or neighbors that refer to law enforcement. The content of conversations gives grounds to assume that the authorities are seriously worried possible mass protests during the visit of Cyril in Suzdal. ROAC Primate Metropolitan Theodore (Gineevsky) discussed this “preparation” in his sermon on 2 September at the Synodal Cathedral Iver Suzdalya.

Krome became aware of an informal outline of the visit, and the Patriarch of Moscow Patriarchate intends to bow in St. Euthymius monastery to the relics of St Euphemia of Suzdal that are currently in the temple ROAC.

On September 5, is scheduled meeting of the Appeals Court of Arbitration in Vladimir, which is to determine the fate of the relics. According to the decision of the unprecedented case of the 21 May in Vladimir, arbitration might be withdrawn to two centralized religious organizations ROAC, but they may remain in use at her local religious organization.