MP Sergianists Ready to Deploy Black-Shirts

According to an October 18, 2012 article by Interfax-Religion, the VCIOM ( a noted pollster agency with extensive ties to the Russian ruling elite) agency released a poll stating that over ‘half’ of polled Russians support the establishment of a Moscow Patriarchate controlled militia that will work in tandem with police forces.  The militia, which wears a black uniform with red-arm bands, will patrol ecclesiastical sites. The article states:

Holy Russia leader Ivan Otrakovsky, the author of the proposal, told the Interfax-Religion in August that Orthodox militias would patrol streets in the city and region of Moscow jointly with police to prevent Christian holy sites being vandalized.”

However, one wonders the abuses that can result from a Sergianist controlled militia, that cooperates with police?  The use of colour of law has a long history of unnecessary abuses, and the Soviet Sergianist Patriarchate now may be ready to have more than just a komsomol.  It is a slippery slope from the Mussolini Black-shirts to the SS brown-shirts. When groups like the Sergianists begin to loose power, they usually become extremely violent.