Nativity Epistle 2011/2012: Metr Valentine of Suzdal (ROAC)

Fellow archpastors, pastors,honest in Christ monasticism, beloved flock,Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church ..
“Today, from the angelic voices (Lk.2, 11), the shepherds foundthe Savior’s birth nature of our flesh and soul,and for the leaders of God’s people initiated (new) the image of the gospel, that we, echoing the ranks ofHeavenly host, proclaim: Glory to Godand on earth peace, goodwill among men “(Luke 2, 14))(The word six on Christmas Day, St. Leo of Rome).
Beloved in Christ Brothers and Sisters!
It’s been two millennia since the single and for ever blessed night, when our salvation shone the light of heaven above the earth and the sun shone forth God’s love for righteousness, for born – Christ is our God and Savior of the world.
Middle of the night reigned over the fields of Bethlehem, where shepherds shone in the light of heaven, and before the eyes of these simple and generous heart appeared “angel of the Lord and the glory of the Lord shone around them. (Luke, “9”). This heavenly messenger is short, but every word – a ray of light penetrating into the depths of the human heart and spirit.
Performed now the Old Testament prophetic promise of conduct. The Lord is born to “heal the brokenhearted, to let the oppressed go free.”
In Bethlehem the cave is born the Divine Infant Jesus, bringing with them the most important miracle – a miracle of man’s salvation.
In this holy night, a mysterious sky is connected to ground. And this holy rest, but the heavenly angels, lights up a bright star. It is intended to illuminate the path of three strangers – the wise men, going to Bethlehem to worship the Divine Infant, and in addition, it consecrates its radiance the darkness of the world, to whom was born Christ gives eternal life.
Based on this mysterious events of Christmas night, the great father of the Church of St. John Chrysostom says that Christmas Day is the most important of all the holidays, the mother of all holidays, the beginning and foundation of them. … For what the forefathers were so keen, that the prophets predicted the then righteous men desired to see – all this was accomplished in a day of Christmas: God was manifest in the flesh and reside between people (of creation in the Russian perevode.t.1, St. Petersburg., 1895, s.541, St. Petersburg., s.387)
The Holy Orthodox Church annually celebrates the solemn reverence of this great and salutary for the human race event and preaches to people with love, “the great mystery of godliness: God who appeared in the flesh” (1 Tim.3, 16). What a great abyss of wisdom and condescension of heavenly love to the person is now the world: The very source and giver of life, the Son of God, partakes of the flesh and blood (Evr.2, 14 – 16) to update and save mankind. Lord, who teaches his divine teaching people leave him forever in the Church founded by Him, “Thou fair yuzhe courted his own blood.” Therefore, the Eternal God of superabundance of love becomes a man and comes into the world weak and helpless child, where his weakness postyzhdaet the efforts of those who are trying to extinguish the light of God and joy in human hearts.
Today, for us Christmas greetings to the significant words: Christ is born, glorify! Christ from heaven sryaschite! For even now, and now Christ is born for every person and will zhitelstvovat in our souls, of course, if we open the doors of our hearts.
Throughout world history, the servants of darkness, at the behest of his zlonachalnika – the devil, created and continue to do their dark deeds, sometimes taking the guise of angels of light. They are trying to impose on people to other concepts and doctrine, which says in the Scriptures, and that even if an angel from heaven will come and say a different doctrine, distinctive from the previously taught, then you should not take it – let him be anathema.
Therefore, we are obliged to seek the truth and accept it, because the main complaint in today’s Christians: “No one is interested in truth or true doctrine or true Church” (Bishop Gregory Grabbe). It is a reproach to all those on whom it is said: “You were neither cold nor hot.” Indifference, lack of desire to explore the Bible in order to have eternal life, it is detrimental to man’s salvation. It saddens and pleases the Guardian Angel of our eternal adversary and an enemy of human salvation – the devil.
Therefore, for each rule and a prayer for each of the Divine Liturgy, as we prepare to connect with our Lord and Saviour in the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist, the Holy Church calls us to express as clearly as possible the confession of our faith, through the adoption and the pronunciation of the Creed, which states that the birth Christ is the “Light from Light, true God from true God, birth, uncreated, consubstantial to the Father, all things were made Imzhe.”From this stems and what our life is divided into life before Christ and after Christ. Times in which we live is truly difficult. Around the world are increasingly threatened by the man himself his unbridled sin and the need to have everything to live for today, take all the benefits for themselves and not leave anything else. Mankind reaps his work away from God, since the accession of any possible injustice in the world where is lacking prayer, love and truth of God. Our souls are imbued with the love of money, greed, lies, fornication, drunkenness, envy, vanity, pride, and many other shortcomings. All this is leading humanity to eternal damnation, and brings day of Judgement.
Today we with the angels of heaven sing their song: Glory to God and on earth peace, goodwill among men. The Holy Church today, as the most philoprogenitive mother, reminds us that our inner world must be based not on wealth, not on self-interest, and the love and devotion. Good is always good, and its goal is achieved, even when in good meet evil. In a generous and free from the leaven of the Pharisees’ righteousness of God’s grace is lacking fill, Heal the weakness and give peace and joy.
In a Christmas message of 1935 novosvyaschennomuchenik Damascene (Cedric) turned to his faithful flock, little flock, “agonizing night goes on, but the dawn is near. Here again the star of Bethlehem shines, calling us to worship Born in a manger Pre-eternal Infant. Come to meet its recruiting Light.
Beloved of Christ congregation in our homeland and in the diaspora sheer! All welcome you and congratulate you on Christ’s Nativity vseradostnym holiday and new year coming of God’s goodness!
Yes, enlighten us all Incarnate Christ our Saviour, povity now shrouds in a manger Bethlehem Light of the Divine mind. He may strengthen our faith and our standing in the True Orthodox Church.
Yes, and we will pass the earth’s journey of our life’s path, like the shepherds of Bethlehem, the shepherds, our generous standing for truth and purity of the Orthodox faith, and with wise men will acquire the spiritual knowledge, we daruyuschie foundation of holiness and good behavior, so necessary for our eternal salvation. Let them be the star that illuminates the path of our quest of holiness and purity. Let it be for us the basis and foundation of faith, which is built up and strengthened among the faithful uncompromising teachings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church.We will exercise caution and prudence and avoid anyone who sows hatred and rancor, so that we can through the acquisition of holiness and good behavior to recognize the lies and slander, for those who manifests them among the children of the church, the father of the devil, and they perform the lusts of their father, who abode not in truth.
Beloved in the Lord somolitvenniki and colleagues in the field of Christ!
I prayerfully wish you from the Divine Child Jesus health and mental and physical salvation! When will it be and everything else – just do your best to love Christ, do your best to live according to His commandments, to think of Him and seek Him, and not only read God’s word, but incarnate in the life of His commandments!
Dear somolitvenniki and accomplices of the celebration! Attach your zeal to love Christ with all my heart love your family, to fulfill the commandment of Him who for our sake and for our salvation came into the world. Amen.
By the grace of God
________________________Metropolitan of Suzdal and Vladimir
Christmas 2012.Mr. Suzdal