Nativity Epistle: GOC-Kallinikos

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Always tῷ plirώmati Church
“Christ is born, glorify him; Christ from heaven action; Christ on earth Rise. Asate tῷ Lord all the earth, and in. ‘I tell both Synel. Effrainesthosan agalliastho the heavens and the earth, through Heavenly, Then he ground. ”
His child in the Lord loved and peripothita,

     Through those reasons shall enter St. Gregory the Theologian in his dialogue is of the Birth of Christ. Familiar words, because these things later and sung emelopoiithisan loading by all the Orthodox on land at the feast of Christmas. In this way the great saint of Eklisias Christ and excellent in words, is a sky-inimitable manner doxology to God, divided by the epoch-making event of the incarnation of God’s Word. Rightly so, let us glorify God, beloved children in the Lord, as we have in is truly Orthodox, offered sacrifices pleasing to God. Sacrifices in mimisin Abel law and not by that of katakrithentos Cain. Sacrifice of praise within the Church and classified the traditions of the Holy Fathers.

    Orthodoxos today ymnoumen God and glorify Him in the Great Free to humanity. Because it has dawned in Bethlehem, the Sun of Justice, and broke the darkness of error. Wherefore Gregory the Theologian pranafertheis one and the same dialogue is stated: “Again the darkness dissolved, again the light exists. Again Egypt skotῳ collage again stylῳ Israel is lit. The people that sat in darkness of ignorance, the great light ideto epignoseos. As to the authority of the creator of the visible world was light and the darkness dielythisan, Likewise, in principle the reconstruction us, has dawned on earth the light of the world, Christ, fiber dialysῃ the darkness of ignorance and error. The darkness of idolatry disappears, the shadow of the law and give the elapse of a position in the light of truth.

  Great mystery of the Word of God, incarnation and incomprehensible to all people. Gregory the Great Theologian: Megistin anagkin had Humanity, megistin and educational assistance he received from God. The Word of God, pre-eternal, invisible, the aperiliptos the incorporeal, the authority on the principle, the light on the light, the source of life and immortality, is entering his own his image. Clothes with flesh on the one hand, through the flesh to heal us and mentally soul on the other, for the sake of our sick soul, anakathairon the like with the like. And it is at all perfect man without sin. Because sin is not attributable to the nature of man, but disease affects human nature. Born of the Virgin, which had previously prokatharei the Holy Spirit on the soul and body. Because he had to timithῇ Nativity and unspoiled to protimithῇ. But God remained after the Admission of of human nature, which he etheosen. What strange event! His son built and unbuilt achoritos choreitai through his mental soul who hired and which elapses between the intangible divinity and stoutness of the flesh. Is truly a great miracle and mystery incomprehensible in those who attempt to investigate on account of the human intellect “Esfragistai per erefnosi, NOT THE pefanerotai per proskynousin miracles in faith the mystery.” Let proselthomen So as the Wizards and let us worship the great mystery of our salvation, knee tilt scrupulously.

     Let katastisomen themselves partake of salvation performed by the Incarnation in those who believe in Him and keep His commandments. And these, unfortunately, is rather. Even unto the outwardly Orthodox Christian Hellas us, evil prevails. And typically the majority of the people celebrating the Christmas celebration is-mostly-surface and typical. And the worst of all is that our Homeland is not following the example of the wizard, but of Herod. Because young Greece warmest unto vrefoktonian through the abortion known first-in proportion to population, unto the third world and Europe;. The Greek State State subsidizes emvryoktonian fully cover the costs of – rotting cost-insurance funds. And all these things in an existing dark spouse when the economic judgment: plagues everyone and made perikopai costs, decreases wages and pensions, but for whose century dapanai abortions remain unto the full. Thus Greece has delivered unto plithysmiakin giransin, with active Greek population to be reduced with its attendant national and economic problems increase.

  Let us strongly toward Let us pray unto the Lord, that they may fotisῃ anyone, rulers and ruled to understand the magnitude of the crime and praxῃ each man his duty before God. Let strafomen to God, just as the flower of sunflower toward the sun and as the compass needle to magnetic north. He is the source of lighting and endynamoseos all the faithful servant.
Hence, prosepidapsilefontes pasin to you the wishes and blessings of our Holy Synod, we pray that It spilaiῳ born and in the manger anaklitheis King of Glory Christ our God dorisῃ, everyone against you, patience, courage, hope, health, the lump amfῳ and the Pacific New Year 2011.

                                      In the year sotirίῳ, BI-tῇ 16ῃ/29ῃ Dekemvrίou


                                                       The Holy Synod

                            Archbishop Members
His Athens KALLINIKOS † † Atticus and Diafleίas AKAKIOS

                                                                 † His Thessalonica and Dimitriάdos MAXIMOS

                                                           † His Larissa and Platamonas Athanasios

                                                  † His Evrίpou and Evvoίas IOUSTINOS

                          † His America PAUL

                                                         † His Piraeus and Salamis GERONTIOS

                                                        † Atticus and Voiotίas HRYSOSTOMOS

                                              † His Christianoupoleos GREGORY

                            † Ma-RA-thine-nos FOTIOS

                               † His Vresthέnis THEODOSIOS