Nativity: Live Service Schedule and Epistles 2013! Christ is Born!

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January 3, 2013
Encyclical of the TOC-Kallinikos: Nativity 2013
January 8, 2013

Nativity: Live Service Schedule and Epistles 2013! Christ is Born!

Agrypnia,8 PM PST (11 PM EST),

NFTU is proud to announce that tomorrow we will have a LIVE broadcast of the full All-Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy (Agrypnia) at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Portland, Oregon, led by His Eminence, Metropolitan Moses of Toronto in one of his last public services in the Portland Cathedral before his transfer to the Toronto Cathedral. Metropolitan Sergius of Portland may likely concelebrate, as we understand he was present the previous week at the cathedral week.

The service will be available by visiting here and clicking the link, or still under construction.

Nativity Epistles 2013

We will begin to copy and distribute available Nativity Epistles at various points tomorrow and the rest of the days of Nativitytide until the feast of Theophany (Jan 6/19) from various True Orthodox Bishops. If you would like your Diocesan epistle placed online and we miss it, please send us a copy or link through the contact form.

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!


  1. His Grace Bishop Sergios will not be with us, sadly. He will be with the mission of Ss. Peter and Paul in Tucson, AZ

  2. I would like to thank NFTU for its gracious hosting of our broadcasts from the “Cathedral of the Roses”, in particular our Christmas broadcast. Just a few years ago, I would have not thought something like this was possible, or at very least a science fiction pipe dream for someone with better funding, and yet here we are –reaching the world from a little laptop and USB mic from a little parish church turned Cathedral.

    Both Father Joseph and I agreed that the benefits of these broadcasts would be far reaching and multifaceted -from evangelization to the promotion of our music program here, to outreach to those without a True Orthodox parish or mission close by. From the comments that I have received directly, and 2nd hand, some of our goals are already being accomplished. If you are a psaltis or wish to become one and learn to chant in the English language (we still do a little Greek here), Portland is one of the places where the action is.

    So, with that -Fr. Joseph, Fr. Enoch and all others who have made the station possible: a hearty thank you –may you have a well deserved joyous Yule-tide and a new and holy year with first fruits worthy to be offered.

    John Peter E. Presson -Protopsaltis

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