New Calendar Bishop Seizes Old Calendarist Church by Force

(NFTU) It was reported on the Paradosis Email List this week by Chrysostomite writer Vladimir Moss that “On July 18/31, the new calendarist Metropolitan Paisios of Kalymnos and some of his clergy and parishioners invaded an Old Calendarist church while the Old Calendarist Bishop Photius of Marathon was presiding. Bishop Photius was taken by the chief of police to the local police station, where he was soon released without explanation. Meanwhile, his priest continued to serve the liturgy in spite of severe provocation. When Bishop Photius returned he found that the new calendarist metropolitan had seized his episcopal throne. Fortunately, the attempt of the new calendarists to seize the church with the aid of the chief of police failed, and the liturgy was completed as the canons decree. Protests are being sent to various state organs.”

This seems to becoming more the norm, as in Russia, the official Church continues its new policy of using government aid to steal Church temples that they did not build, such as this year’s ongoing attempt to take the St Olga parish of the Free Russian Orthodox Church in Zhelezdnovosk.