OCU Reveals Plans to Switch to New Calendar

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(source) The spokesperson for the OCU Eustratii (Zoria) said that Dumenko’s supporters may decide on the calendar reform at a “local council” in December 2023.

On December 7, 2022, the OCU spokesperson Eustratii (Zoria) said that the transfer of worship to the Gregorian calendar will be considered by the “hierarchs” of the OCU at a local council in December 2023, reports suspilne.media.

“In my opinion, this will be considered at a higher level, i.e. the synod will not make an independent decision, but will submit it for consideration to the Council of Bishops, in which all the bishops of the Church participate. The final decision should be taken by the Local Council,” the OCU spokesman said.

He said that the St. Catherine Church (OCU) will celebrate Christmas on December 25, but the celebration will also take place on January 7, as the community has made such a decision.

“On December 25, we will only have a Christmas liturgy and when January comes, we will also celebrate all Christmas services. And then the Holy Synod will gather information on parishes’ and communities’ decisions, how much demand is for calendar reform, and in accordance with the information received will make a decision,” Eustratii said.

As reported, Drabinko said that celebrating Christmas twice is no sin.