Paschal Epistle of Archbishop Nicholas of Athens (True Orthodox Church-Matthewite)

To the Christ-Named Pleroma of our Martyric Church

My Children, Beloved in the Lord:

The Bridegroom Who is “most fair in beauty,” and Who hath worked our
salvation by means of His Incarnate Dispensation through His Passion and His
Resurrection calls upon us on this day of Pascha to celebrate spiritually our

Pascha! The Lord’s Pascha! In undoubted certainty of our salvation has
filled our hearts and it overflows, spreading joy everywhere. The Light that
dawns forth from the now empty Tomb illumines all of creation, reaching even
unto the depths which, until the Descent into Hades by our Redeemer on Holy and
Great Saturday had held even the righteous captive in their dark shackles.

Jesus Christ the Victorious “ame that we might have life, and that we
might have it more abundantly.” He is the cause of today’s celebration.
Pascha belongs to the Lord, and we who are of His flock do rejoice, since during
Holy Week we each participated in His Passion. Through this participation, as
a freely given Gift of our Lord, we each receive according to our capacity
the Grace of the present Festival. Through the Grace of the Resurrection all
anxiety is allayed; each and every pain and mourning is comforted; all want and
insufficiency is filled; and every tear is wiped away, for the very graves are

Pascha! The Lord’s Pascha! The lips of the Orthodox never tire to repeat
this sweetest phrase, which bears within it such power that our tongues
veritably stutter pronouncing it! And it is with a special joy that I, the
humble servant of the Risen Christ, who serves His Church as her Archbishop do greet
you all with this Paschal Greeting.

To my fellow-bishops who with their cooperation and through their
rightly-dividing of the Word of Truth give stability to the edifice of the
Church through the Apostolic Succession; to the sacred clergy, priests, priestmonks and
hierodeacons who with such self-sacrifice cultivate the souls of the True
Orthodox faithful; to the chanters and altar-servers who illumine and serve the
orderliness of the Sacred Services and maintain the beauty of the sacred
Temples; to our monastic communities, who though their fasting, moderation and
unceasing prayer scatter the grace of the Holy Trinity throughout the world;
and to the pious Christians of all ages, who guard the sacred deposit of our
blameless Faith as the apple of their eye; I greet all of you from the depths of
my heart, asking your prayers also.

May our Lord Jesus Christ Who arose from the dead, the Son and Word of the
Father, fill all your hearts with the grace of the All-Holy Spirit, and deem us
worthy to celebrate together the eternal Pascha in His Kingdom. Amen.


Your fervent intercessor unto the Risen Lord,

+Nicholas of Athens and All Greece