Patriarch Kirill-approved Rite for Suicides: now in Kiev

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill has finished his visit to Ukraine.
In Ukraine’s capital Kiev, he took part in the Day of Christianization celebrations on July 28. On this day, the Orthodox Church commemorates Prince Vladimir, who Christianized Russia in the year 988.
The Kiev Synod has taken another important decision – to work out texts of special prayers for those whose relatives have committed suicide. For a long time, there were no canons for such prayers in the Orthodox Church, though, unfortunately, many people have to pray for their relatives who have killed themselves.

[The] Patriarch is known that in many dioceses residents are turning to the priests, with a request to pray for loved ones who have committed suicide. “In Moscow, produced a special rite of prayer for the suicides,” – said the head of the ROC, the task of liturgical commission to work on it. In the case of utvrezhdeniya new order by the Holy Synod, he will be sent to all dioceses for further use.