Patriarch Kirill claims MP “under attack” for backing Putin

Hello, everyone: Remember this? Wasn’t there a list of prohibited clergy activities? Such as “political struggle, election agitation, campaigns in support of particular political parties and public and political leaders”?

How’s that “Social Document” working out for them? Seems even the Russian people are getting sick of the MP.

(Reuters: The Moscow Times) Russia’s Orthodox Church says it is under attack from unspecified “anti-Russian forces” seeking to erode its authority, after it threw its weight behind Vladimir Putin before last month’s presidential election.

An unusually strongly worded statement issued Tuesday listed a recent protest performance by an all-girl punk band in Moscow’s main cathedral as well as media allegations against Patriarch Kirill as examples of such attacks.

“The attacks have become more prominent during the pre-election and post-election period, which shows their political and also anti-Russian motives,” the Supreme Church Council said on its website.

The council called on Orthodox Christians to come to cathedrals across Russia on April 22 for a nationwide prayer “in defense of the faith, desecrated sanctuaries, the church and its good name.”

The church’s unequivocal support for Putin has angered many members of the anti-Kremlin protest movement in Moscow and other large cities, who view it as political meddling and an abuse of the church’s position in society.