Patriarch Kirill: West Should Accept More Islamic Immigration; Muslims the ‘brothers’ of Orthodox

September 28, 2015   (Source:

“Unlike the West, which is already nervous about the arrival of refugees, Moscow alone has taken in more Muslims than the whole of Europe has done by now. And nobody in the world is aware of it. And there is no hysteria, no police, no gas, no physical clashes,” the patriarch said at a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas at his residence in Peredelkino, Moscow Region, on Thursday.

Russia has many Muslim migrants from the former Soviet republics, and “for them it is the only source of a good living,” the church leader said.

“Of course, problems do arise sometimes with people who arrive but these problems get solved within the law, and most importantly, the good Orthodox-Muslim relations are creating an atmosphere for Muslims here to live peacefully and for the Orthodox to treat Muslims respectfully, with tolerance, like brothers,” he said.

The patriarch congratulated Abbas, who helped build the mosque, on its opening in Moscow.

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NFTU: I suppose to be expected from the man who spent 40 years promoting liberation theology.