Patriarch Kyrill on Papism: Necessary “to develop and deepen the dialogue with her on all these issues”

December 12, 2014  (Source:

On December 11 Sergianist-Ecumenist Moscow Patriarchate leader Patriarch Kyrill held a meeting with Islamic leader Mehmet Gormez,. During meeting Patriarch Kyrill expressed approval of continued dialogue with the heretical Roman “Catholic Church” (which has been officially called “Papism”, the “Papal Church”, or the “Papistical Heresy” in all traditional Orthodox documents, such as the Encyclical of the Eastern Patriarchates in 1848).

Patriarch Kiril in full stated:

Catholics remain faithful to the biblical tradition, but it is becoming harder and harder to loudly declare their position. We try to maintain relations as much as possible with the Catholic Church. We believe that it is necessary to develop and deepen the dialogue with her on all these issues.”

The meeting was held in the context of an attempt to further inter-religious dialogue between the Sergianist-Ecumenist Moscow Patriarchate and the Islamic Office of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

Patriarch Kyrill’s words are not surprising, as he was in charge of ecumenism at the Moscow Patriarchate prior to his election as Patriarch.