Phanar Bishop Exchanges Wafers At Ecumenst Meeting

Phanar Bishop Exchangels Wafers At Ecumenist Meeting in Chicago

June 3, 2012

This was some days ago, but, it should be noted; it seems that mock communion services are becoming a hall mark of World Orthodox ecumenist meetings. It wasn’t too long ago that the Moscow Patriarchate Metropolitan of Minsk, Belarus, participated and hosted a similar mock communion service. However, the MP preferred the service in Belarus to be non-azymite; while, the Phanar tolerates azymite mock communion.  From the article at the Chicago Tribune

John Sandors, 73, who is Greek Orthodox, said Christian unity doesn’t have to come at the expense of pride in individual Christian traditions. “If you don’t praise your own house, it will fall down,” he said. “You should be proud of who you are.” Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, who also is Greek Orthodox, gave the homily at the service. He said that while diversity is healthy for the Christian faith, Christians are called to love one another regardless of their differences. “This love for one another is often difficult,” he said “(But) it’s possible because God first loved us.” The bishop added that churches should allow God’s “transformative” power to heal divisions among various Christian factions. “If we are open to being moved by the spirit … our lives with one another will change and change for the better.” Toward the end of the service, the attendees exchanged edible wafers as a symbolic gesture of unity. Then, the clergy in robes as colorful and as different as their religious traditions led the congregants out of the church.

Update:  Sorry for mislabeling the original titles as ‘waffles’.

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