Planned Parenthood/Abortion Lobby Fails in El Salvador

June 1, 2013 Despite the best efforts of the abortion lobby and sympathetic media outlets, the El Salvadoran Supreme Court has refused to allow an anonymous El Salvadoran woman to procure an abortion for her anacephalic child. The 22 year old woman, known only as Beatriz, who suffers from Lupus and as well as renal problems, had applied to have a medical abortion but was turned down. Yet, opponents of El Salvador’s pro-life legislation against abortion, have ramped up their siege of the small nation. Even the United Nations Human Rights Commission joined with Planned Parenthood.

And this is despite the fact that the Health Minister has granted her to have a Caesarean operation, at over 26 weeks (the last one she underwent was 33 weeks). And, though, possibly the child will die nevertheless in the hours after the C-section, the Abortion Lobby will not be satisfied unless the child can be killed in the womb, despite danger to the woman at such a late term abortion.

El Salvadoran pro-life activists, note that this is a case in which pro-abortion folks simply wish to set a precedent (similar to the American case of Roe v. Wade).

“What is clear is that they are manipulating this case, trying to use it to legalize [abortion], just as has happened in other countries that have manipulated terrible or extraordinary cases to request the legalization of the murder of babies in the womb of their mothers, whose lives are not at any risk, as is the case here,” remarks Regina Cardenal of Yes to Life.

“This a completely intentional manipulation,” stated the pro-life Family Network (Red Familia) in a press release, in which they accused certain governmental authorities in El Salvador who have favored the abortion of “promot[ing] particular interests in a malicious way.”

“We call on all attorneys and on the people to speak out.  The doctors have acted properly and in fact she (Beatriz) wouldn’t be walking around on the street if she were in serious condition as has been claimed on the news,” the group added.