Patriarch Kirill to Visit Mt. Athos

According to a May 30, 2012 report by Radio Voice of Russia Patriarch Kirill of the Moscow Patriarchate plans to make a visit to Mt. Athos (the report has been picked up and confirmed by other sites as well). The visit will take place from June 4th to the 7th.

During this visit, Pat. Kirill will meet with Abp. Ieronymous, the head of the government sponsored new calendar State Church of Greece, as well as other ecclesiastical dignitaries of the government sponsored organization.  No doubt, during the visit to the various monasteries of Mt. Athos, Pat. Kirill will not be welcomed at the Monastery of the Holy Ascension (Esphigmenou).  We should hope and pray that this does not serve as an occasion for the Phanar and the Government of Greece to continue its unjust persecution of the monastery brotherhood for its resistance to the ecumenism and modernism of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

It would be good that Patriarch Kirill remember that Our Lady, the Ever-Virgin Theotokos and Mother of Our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ, is the true ruler of the Holy Mountain. And, many believe she showed her extreme displeasure at apostate hierarchs with the mysterious crash of the helicopter of the late Patriarch Peter VII, whose aircraft went down in the Aegean while on route to visit the Holy Mountain. Pat. Peter had been a close associate and the successor of Patriarch Parthenios, who had famously declared Mohammed a prophet of God, and condemned anyone who would attack Islam or the sanctity of Mohammed.