Pope Praises Albanian Orthodox And Promises Ecumenism

Albanian Orthodox Church praised by Pope Benedict (Examiner.com)

Pope Benedict XVI met with His Beatitude Archbishop Anastasios in the Vatican City today. In an address given to the audience in English, the Pope shed light on some of the history of Christianity in Albanian lands, dating back to Apostolic times. He specifically mentioned a preserved baptismal formula and a hymn about the Resurrection.

The Pope went on to say, “Since it acquired its freedom, the Orthodox Church of Albania has been able to participate fruitfully in the international theological dialogue between Catholics and Orthodox.” He considered the work of His Beatitude to restore the country–now free of communism–to be a true inspiration to all of the Albanian people.

The Pope finished up his remarks by promising to the Archbisop that the Catholic Church would do everything it could “to offer a common witness of brotherhood and peace, and to pursue with you a renewed commitment to the unity of our Churches”. This meeting concludes a week heavy in dialog between the East and the West. Time will tell if these talks will benefit the Church.