Property , Land Relations and ROAC

And the seizures keep on coming.

( On December 3, 2009, a special committee of the Department of Property and Land Relations Administration of Vladimir region has reviewed ROAC temples in the villages of Suzdal district, without notifying the Suzdal Diocesan Administration.

  Accompanied by police, officials inspected the external and the internal state of the temples and took photographs. In Borisov and Omutskoe, believers gathered to express their indignation at the actions of the regional administration to deprive the congregation of their church, to which they were invited to go to the ROC / MP, or to prepare documents for submission to the incurred costs. “Neither we nor our priest moved to the Moscow Patriarchate” – angry people in Omutskoe told officials “You violate our right to freedom of conscience. This is the people’s temple and belongs to the villagers.” All the officials have offered not to disassemble the iconostasis and heating, promising that “the parish will remain in the temple”.
The Inspectorate for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Arts Department did not participate in the inspection.
The next hearing on claims of the regional administration to the ROAC Omutskoe temples in the villages, Ivanovo and the region are on December 7.