In Recent Raid on Esphigmenou Hostel Greek Police Arrest Monk Dying of Cancer

November 11, 2014 (Source:

Originally reported on November 01

NFTU: All thanks to the ‘loving’ Ecumenical Patriarchate and the ‘tolerant’ New Calendar Church of Greece.  The price for opposing ecumenism in many places.


Latest Step in Greek Government’s Campaign of Official Harassment and Intimidation of Monks

THESSALONIKI, GREECE – Yesterday, over 50 armed Greek riot police raided an infirmary in Thessaloniki owned by Esphigmenou Monastery and arrested one peaceful and defenseless monk who is seriously ill, battling cancer.

“We call upon the Greek government and all parties involved to refrain from violent actions and to let the Esphigmenou monks pray in peace as we have for over 1,500 years,” said Abbot Methodios of Esphigmenou Monastery. “We also ask all people of goodwill to support us in our struggle for religious liberty, and to allow our over 100 brothers to live our lives in peace and in prayerful contemplation, rather than under constant persecution by the government.”

“Over 25 monks have already died from lack of medical care due to the blockade, and now police are dragging cancer-stricken monks out of their infirmary. I call upon the Greek government to stop this assault on the Esphigmenou monks and drop the trumped-up charges against them,” said John Rigas of Friends of Esphigmenou. “At a time when the Greek government is struggling to be able to provide for it’s people, it is unconscionable that they continue to deploy riot police and involve themselves in this dispute. We appreciate everyone’s support and prayers for the Esphigmenou monks during this difficult time, especially with winter approaching.”

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