RC priest on ecumenical mission in Greece kidnapped; found in Germany

There are a whole bunch of red flags on this one.  An RC priest on a study program to increase greater cooperation between Papists and Orthodox disappears with a female interpeter because of a family situation over her inheritance? Calls his family warning him of impending death and then shows up a week later in Germany?

Something isn’t right here– in the first place, if this is about an inheritance, then there’d be no need to kidnap the priest. In the second, why were they not killed when they apparently thought they would be, then to show up in another country? Third, how did they get to Germany, and how did they get to the US Embassy in Athens, and why wouldn’t a US citizen be refused treatment for injury?

I smell either an “inheritance” involving a sizable amount of (possibly ecclesiastical) property that the priest had to be present for a transfer, or a false flag operation against “extremist elements” in the New Calendar church.

Other than that I am clueless.

(Source- Full Story) The Indiana priest who went missing in Greece after telling family his life was in danger says he’s excited to be alive and humbled by the cooperation his supporters back home offered during “these terrible two weeks of survival.”

Father Christiaan Kappes used the Facebook page that his sister created on his behalf, “Find Father Kappes,” to send out thank yous and offer his first public comments since his safe return to Indiana last week.

Kappes used the forum to thank his family, the FBI, a helpful embassy official, a staffer in Sen. Richard Lugar’s office and members of the news media and others whom he said played a part in his odyssey.