Editorial: Your Editor Accused of Heresy on the “Orthodox-Tradition” Yahoo Group

Dear readers,

I’ve learned through multiple sources that because of my stance concerning the heresy of imyabozhie (“name-worshipping”) I have been accused repeatedly over the past eight hours of being a Barlaamite. This is a typical tactic of the modern name-worshipping sect; they like to pretend they are Palamists– when they are not. They are pantheists. They are outside the Orthodox Church.

I’ve been accused– repeatedly and falsely over the past few hours– of claiming (to quote the initial email that started the attacks) that on “[the NFTU] radio show [Dcn Joseph] mentioned that God’s energy’s [sic] are created. If God’s energies are His grace, then isnt [sic] this the Latin heresy of Created Grace?”

Nowhere on NFTU Radio have I ever claimed that God’s energies are created. I’ve had three other people listen to the show. They heard nothing of the sort. I’ve listened to it again to make sure there isn’t something that can be misheard or misconstrued.  Nothing. In short, I can only conclude that the author is the above statement is lying– and has dedicated an entire thread on the “Orthodox-Tradition” Yahoo Group to claim that I stated that God’s energies are created. Exactly the opposite is true. But you don’t have to take my word for it.

The show’s right here.

It would appear that the defenders of the name-worshippers, lacking any more cogent arguments for their Orthodoxy or explaining why we were unjustified in removing them from our True Orthodox listings when they have chosen to overturn condemnations of heresy issued by universally accepted authorities, have just resorted to lying outright on a forum in which I cannot respond, a fact of which I’ve made no secret. If you’ve got nothing left, throw out some lies. Didn’t take long for people who dislike what I do personally with NFTU to throw out some attacks, all built upon a lie.

Even more insulting is that it’s a badly disguised lie. The first post was written at 12:00 AM– three minutes before the show ended. To my knowledge live broadcasts cannot be replayed until they are archived. One would think that my alleged claim of created grace would have to be pretty obviously stated; if not, any sane person would have listened twice to make sure– which, based on the timing, was not done. Unless, perhaps– they hadn’t listened to the show at all.

What’s even worse is that my Bishop was dragged into this discussion even though NFTU is not an arm of the diocese for no reason whatsoever. Unlike those in a sorry cult, I do this on my own, and don’t coordinate breaking the commandments with my fearless leader du jour.

Here’s a hint for everyone. NFTU has an open, True Orthodox Forum. We also have a commenting system. And people who post on the Euphrosynos Cafe get an answer from me as well. Loads of people post here, and loads of people comment, and have over these difficult times in HOCNA. How is it that an accusation of heresy so grave would be placed in the one place where the accused couldn’t come to his own defense?

In short– why didn’t “Pedro Martinez” (who may or may not be a real person), on listening to the show, have the decency to call me a heretic directly– doing so before the show finished? And why go to the one place I have no way to answer back?

I await the response of the detractors who have borne false witness against me.

In Christ

Deacon Joseph Suaiden (not “Dcn Joe”, Deacon Joseph)