Nine teenage boys from various parishes visited St. Nicholas Convent from July 25-August 1 helping with needed chores on the Convent property. The young men did a great job in clearing out a barn and tending to the grounds and garden of the Convent.

Along with the older boys, a number of younger boys also stayed at the Convent on Sunday and Monday, July 25 and 26 and participated in the Divine Liturgy celebrated by Fr. Nicholas Chernyavsky of Holy Ascension parish (SirR, Rochester, NY).
Throughout the week the boys had a chance to meet with other Orthodox their own age and to participate in the daily reader services of the Convent. As well there were opportunities for the boys to talk privately with visiting priests, participate in the Divine Liturgy and take some time to quietly prepare for Holy Confession and Communion.
On Friday July 30 St. Marina day, the divine services were celebrated by Fr. Daniel Meschter of St. Innocent parish (ROCA) in Pottstown, PA, ably accompanied by sub-deacon Adam Foley, choir director of Holy Ascension parish. It was a joy to see the boys participate in the choir and services and to have all who had come to work end the week with Divine Liturgy and the reception of Holy Communion. 
Many thanks to all who participated and helped to make the week not only a practically useful one, but a spiritually uplifting one as well.
mother Agapia