US: GMO Labelling Defeated in CA; Foes Vow to Fight On


OPINION: I promise I am not asking for controversy.

While these issues have affected us for a long time, for the most part I’ve been silent. However, as the food supply itself becomes increasingly deviant, it bcomes important to begin to do something to stop what is overwhelmingly immoral.  I’m not saying we all need to become crazy hippie vegetarians– I ate at McDonald’s yesterday– but we should know what certain corporations are doing to our food in the United States, with the blessing of the current President. (Russia does not have this problem. They already label genetically modified food to make it easier to avoid.)

The alteration of genetic strtuctures of foods created by God for us is having an increasingly detrimental effect on living people in general today. Many True Orthodox people, including our priests and pious people, have noted how the industrial food complex is designed to destroy people at a profit, to act in behavior not as stewards of God’s earth but hucksters looking for a profit.  True Orthodox are already in the minority. Let’s make sure we don’t follow the crowd when it comes to what’s killing them and cynically insulting creation. –DJS

Via Organic Consumers Association:

That Monsanto and Big Food’s 4.8 million votes managed to scuttle Prop 37, one of the most widely publicized and closely watched state ballot initiatives of 2012, is almost a footnote to the real story. (As of today, with almost reports of almost 3 million votes still uncounted, some still question the “official” vote count and whether the No on 37 camp really won at all).

The real story is this. Prop 37, the grassroots-powered California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods in California has focused a national spotlight on GMOs, and the serious hazards that transgenics pose to human health and the environment.