Corrected: One HOCNA Parishes Leaves, Another Divides with Priest Leaving

For a full timeline of the events in HOCNA click here.

Correction: it was originally stated that the entire parish of St Anna’s departed for HOTCA. This is incorrect. Fr John Fleser has left HOCNA as well as a number of the parishoners; however, it is unclear whether he has joined HOTCA or RTOC. We will follow up with this.

(Boston) as NFTU stated earlier in an earlier story, HOCNA is down to six priested parishes, with two more sharing a priest. While the number appeared to be eight, we had early word that the pastor of St Anna’s Orthodox Church of Roslindale and St John the Russian Orthodox Church of Ipswich have left the HOCNA. The Church of St John the Russian in Ipswich has been received by the GOC-Kallinikos Synod in America (HOTCA).

NFTU received confirmation of the receptions last week; however, because of the Hurricane we did not discuss it.

We will continue to keep our readers apprised of the situation as it changes.