Bp. Dionysius Refuses to Attend Upcoming ROCOR-A Sobor in Odessa

November 08, 2014 (Source: http://kondakov.ws/blog/)

Bishop Dionysius (Alferov), the ROCOR-A Bishop of Novgorod in Russia, in a recent telephone interview with Archpriest Sergius Kondakov (one of the Izhevsk Fathers, and supporters of Abp. Sophrony of St. Petersburg, who have been involved in a protracted disputed with Met. Agafangel, the said Fathers being recently suspended by Met. Agafangel), outlined the reasons for his refusal to attend the ROCOR-A Sobor in Odessa, to be held in November.  The first part of the interview is below, with a link to the original Russian, and a link to translate.ru format.

Protopriest Sergius Kondakov:: Vladyko, can you speak a few words about the reason for your refusal to go to Odessa for the Council of Bishops?

Bishop Dionysus: I wrote about this to Vladyka George. Firstly, the announced agenda of the Council does not correspond to the issues that we are discussing, and those issues are important in modern conditions: Sergianism in modern conditions, attitudes toward globalism, the attitude towards Ukrainianists.

The position of Met. Agafangel over the last year, obviously, sfomirovalas; there is no progress there and  his mood is one in which  absolutely no dialogue is possible. Dialogue is possible when there is a desire to compromise on some concessions – there is nothing like that. And the question is about the fundamental assumptions on which the ROCA always stood: it is spiritual freedom of the Church, the rejection Sergianism in new conditions. These he now broke, clearly put his church in dependence on Ukrainian authorities and American patrons. This is very serious. On this Nazarov wrote. Therefore, in this situation, meaningful dialogue is impossible, only possible fraud and administrative pressure. So no point to go to the Sobor, I do not see.


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