Izhevsk Fathers Reply to Metropolitan Agafangel

November 01, 2014 (Source: http://kondakov.ws)

NFTU: The well-known Izhevsk Fathers in Udmurtia, Russia, have written a reply to Met. Aganfangel’s answer to recent letter of protest.  The letter by the Izhevsk Fathers, who are supporters of Abp. Sophrony and Bp. Dionysius, concerns the recent controversy.  Also of note is Abp. Sophrony’s remonstrance to the recent Odessa meeting of 3 ROCOR-A Bishops, which forms part of the background to all of this, along with the meeting itself. Met. Agafangel responded to the criticism of Abp. Sophrony about the recent Odessa meeting (Abp. Sophrony maintains in his reply that it must be 3 bishops, not counting the Metropolitan).

Letter from Izhevsk Fathers to Metropolitan Agafangel

Your Eminence, Dear Vladyka, You wrote a “refutation” of the “Address of the  Clergy and Laity of the ROCOR to all indifference to the fate of the ROCA.” The appeal was signed by  great hierarchs, priests, God-loving laity of our Church, who by their selfless service have repeatedly proved faithful ROCA. And we, sinful ones, thank God that we have an honored place beside their signatures.

Believe, O Vladyko, that we, in spite of the fact that we are called by people of your inner circle in a most insulting manner, we do not consider you the enemy. On the contrary, we remember you from the best. We remember our remarkable communication with you. We remember how you consoled us in the wise very pastorlal word. And anything it we don’t refuse, including high words which we told about you.

But the Lord teaches: “He who loves the father or mother more than me, isn’t worthy of Me” (Mf. 10:37). And therefore when we see that our father goes on a false way, we dare to speak contrary because otherwise we will be traitors of sacred Church.

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