ROCOR-A Synod Office Issues Message Oct. 21-22

October 23, 2014  (Source:

(Warning machine translation!)

Overcome is come in our Fatherland troubled times, can only be lifted high above all worldly and secondary banner of our Orthodox Faith – Bogodohnovenny its symbol, which is the unifying principle, and in which they can find solace doubting and wavering Orthodox souls.

At the very beginning of his historical existence, the Russian Church Abroad yielded desired political revenge, but later was able to find the strength to stand above politics (Resolution Council of Bishops in 1923 not to participate in politics).

Since that time in its history, it has remained true to the principle of independence from political trends as direct support even monarchist movement while threatened division of the Local Russian Orthodox Church. With something like we faced today, when political forces under various pretexts seek to invade the fence of the Orthodox Church and make it destructive actions.

Do not forget, dear brothers and sisters, there is nothing on this earth above Deed of Redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ of the human race from the power of sin and death. And there is no higher meaning than the salvation of the human race from eternal death, which our Saviour put out racial and tribal differences, and is determined only by faith in Him and repentance.

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