Bp. Photios of Marathon: Of Course St. Pachomios of Chios was against ecumenism!

November 07, 2014 (Soruce: http://www.hsir.org)

The Venerable Pachomios of Chios (+1905) is already familiar to our flock and is already honored on the island of Chios through holy services and Icons that have been painted of him, and also more widely. He was, inter alia, the spiritual guide of St. Nectarios of Pentapolis, the Wonderworker. What is unknown to the broader public is that the Venerable Elder in question was a formidable adversary of the contemporary pan-heresy of ecumenism at the time when ecumenism had begun to make its initial appearance. He wrote some telling comments thereon in a text entitled “Concerning the Heretical Lutherans and Calvinists”:

“If ever they realize their error, they ought to return without a murmur to the Church from which they fell away. Synods, so-called union, and discussions are not needed in this case, since there is no question of uniting entities that are at variance in polity, the mores and customs of which are mutually conflicting and need to be coalesced and brought into concord. …

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