Fr. Yvgeney Leonov: Charges Against GOC-K Require Full-Scale Response

August 15, 2014

(Originally Published on July 19, 2014 at Internet-Sobor)

Of course, the main event was the unification of the former Synod in Resistance (SrR) based on the total of the Orthodox Faith  in March of this year. This follows years of negotiations, which ended successfully today. They are the result of  the rejection of the  false teachings about the nature of the Church, which was associated with the thesis of the late Primate Metropolitan Cyprian (Kutsumbasa), last formulated and published in 2007; it is encouraging that the joint communion was followed by other synods that were in communion with him [i.e., Met. Cyprian]: Old Calendar Churches of Romania and Bulgaria, as well as the Russian Church Abroad. Interiorly, they also had strong “Cyprianite” ideas. But now they have demonstrated their loyalty to Orthodoxy and make amends by a good confession of the past mistakes and irregularities of their views.

The fact that such an interpretation of events is an objective, confirmed by independent publications on the website “hierarchs” and portal.

However, the reunion of the “Cyprianites” with the Church has angered supporters of the schismatic Lamian Synod and similar circles. That any action of our Church is  rejected by the people who had left her, is humanly understandable. But our opponents believe criticize not just because of their schism from us , but they also make the serious charge of heresy and deviation from the traditions of the Holy struggle of the True Orthodox Christians. This requires a serious full-scale response.

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