HOCNA Wins Back Property of St. Mark Cathedral in Roslindale

After winning a court judgment in January, the clergy and parishioners of St. Mark of Ephesus Cathedral in Roslindale, Massachusetts who had affiliated with the GOC-K were ordered to surrender control of the building (located at 850 South Street, Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131)  to the Metropolis of Boston under Metropolitan Ephraim (HOCNA). Apparently, they appealed the judgment and did not vacate the property, and so a further judgment was issued ordering them to vacate the property during Holy Week.

Foreseeing this possibility, the community affiliated to the GOC-K had already begun to search for other property, which it has obtained at 340 Clapboardtree Street,  Westwood, Massachusetts 02090.

The St. Mark (GOC-K) website indicates, however, that temporary services are being held at 22 Cedrus Avenue, Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131. It is not clear when services will commence at the Westwood location, and we welcome those knowledgeable to offer insight in the comments section.

Both factions appear to continue to use the name St. Mark of Ephesus. The HOCNA faction issued its announcements here:


The GOC-K faction has offered information at the following links:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saint-Mark-of-Ephesus-Orthodox-Cathedral-of-Boston/168002156724218?hc_location=timeline (c.f. April 19 entry).