HOCNA Wins Back Property of St. Mark Cathedral in Roslindale

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May 1, 2014
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May 5, 2014

HOCNA Wins Back Property of St. Mark Cathedral in Roslindale

After winning a court judgment in January, the clergy and parishioners of St. Mark of Ephesus Cathedral in Roslindale, Massachusetts who had affiliated with the GOC-K were ordered to surrender control of the building (located at 850 South Street, Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131)  to the Metropolis of Boston under Metropolitan Ephraim (HOCNA). Apparently, they appealed the judgment and did not vacate the property, and so a further judgment was issued ordering them to vacate the property during Holy Week.

Foreseeing this possibility, the community affiliated to the GOC-K had already begun to search for other property, which it has obtained at 340 Clapboardtree Street,  Westwood, Massachusetts 02090.

The St. Mark (GOC-K) website indicates, however, that temporary services are being held at 22 Cedrus Avenue, Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131. It is not clear when services will commence at the Westwood location, and we welcome those knowledgeable to offer insight in the comments section.

Both factions appear to continue to use the name St. Mark of Ephesus. The HOCNA faction issued its announcements here:


The GOC-K faction has offered information at the following links:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Saint-Mark-of-Ephesus-Orthodox-Cathedral-of-Boston/168002156724218?hc_location=timeline (c.f. April 19 entry).



  1. Thomas Deretich says:

    The announcement below was posted on the Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston’s Facebook page.



    Great and Holy Friday 2014

    As we commemorate our Saviour’s Life-Giving Passion, the Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston is able to announce that—after nineteen months and two Court orders—the keys to the Metropolis’s Cathedral of Saint Mark of Ephesus were finally returned to the Metropolis yesterday. (This date was specified by the Judge after the Court’s order of January 10, was ignored, resulting in a “Contempt of Court” Judgment against individuals who had disobeyed the Court’s first order.) Several clergy and laypeople entered Saint Mark’s for the first time in over a year and a half on Great and Holy Thursday, at 2:00 p.m. Some holy icons had been removed from their places, and some other items donated for liturgical worship were missing, but our clergy and numerous Orthodox Christian Faithful were able to hold the Service of the Twelve Holy Gospels at 7:00 p.m. Our Cathedral community was privileged to have in attendance at this Service our beloved Metropolitan Ephraim of Boston; as well as the first clergyman ever to serve as the priest of the Saint Mark of Ephesus community, Father Isaac of Holy Transfiguration Monastery, who read the Holy Gospels; and the first clergyman ever ordained for the Saint Mark’s community, Father John Mihopoulos, who was ordained by Saint Philaret of New York, the New Confessor, to serve as the deacon at Saint Mark’s. Father John and the newly-ordained Father Deacon Savas Papadopoulos, both of whose family members have been decades-long pillars of Saint Mark’s, also read the Holy Gospel. Numerous Orthodox Faithful of all backgrounds were in attendance. The amplification system that had been wired into the building had been removed, but, with the use of a microphone from Saint Anna’s, the faithful were able to hear the Holy Gospels read in both Greek and English.

    Unfortunately, the contents of the bookstore and countless items necessary for church school, as well as for the preparation and serving of meals—including ovens, refrigerators, tables, and chairs—in our Cathedral had been removed. With the help of our sister parish of Saint Anna’s as well as that of our Monastery and Convent, parish life—including the education of our youth in the Orthodox Faith and Orthodox community meals—will continue.

    All Orthodox Christian Faithful are invited to attend Services at Saint Mark’s at the customary times, for Great and Holy Friday, Great and Holy Saturday, and the Great and Holy Feast of Pascha. Our customary procession on Holy Friday to Fallon Field and back, our midnight Resurrection Service outside, and our Paschal meal at Saint Anna’s basement, with faithful from Saint Mark’s and Saint Anna’s attending together, will all occur as in previous years.

    All Orthodox Christians will once again be joyously welcome at our beloved Saint Mark’s Church in Boston.

    Saint Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Cathedral in Boston

    Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston

    • A.B says:

      “All Orthodox Christians will once again be joyously welcome at our beloved Saint Mark’s Church in Boston.”

      Actually, the True Orthodox Christians left the church. Those coming back serve a different, worldly master. Keep away at all costs! Christ is Risen!

  2. Christian Orthodox says:

    Is this Orthodoxy? Is this the Church, the Body of Christ? Is this the Gospel message of love and forgiveness and right faith? The Bishops of traditional orthodoxy and the heretical ecumenical movement have created a Byzantine museum full of corpses which move, speak, decorate themselves with embroidered vestments, anathematize, take each other to civil courts, teach a hypocritical love empty of any spiritual gifts. One can only weep and repent during these days of apostasy; a falling away from Christ and His teachings.

  3. nephongoc says:

    This is John Rigas church Agia Skepi,when did he comeback or was he ever out of the picture???… The St. Mark (GOC-K) website indicates, however, that temporary services are being held at 22 Cedrus Avenue, Roslindale, Massachusetts 02131.

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